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Kilims are flat weave carpets, or rugs without pile. The weaving is done by interlacing warp and weft threads. This technique is in contrast to pile rugs, which are made by knotting strands of yarn onto warps and pressing them tightly together using weft threads. Kilims are found throughout the world. Although the most well-known are from Turkey, kilims are made by nomadic tribal groups throughout the Caucasus and Persia. The method of weaving produces sharp, well-defined patterns. Designs are usually geometric, but curvilinear floral designs are also found. Kilims are often woven for utilitarian purposes such as saddle bags, blankets and wall hangings.

Kilim Qashqai 156X229


Product Code: 1870640
Also known as: Kelim, Qilim, Chilim, Ghashghai, Gaschgai, Gashghai, Kashgai, Shiraz
Size: 156X229 cm  (5′1″X7′6″ ft)*
Thickness: ap. 3 mm
Origin:Iran / Persia
Age:0-20 years (not used)
Manufacturing:Woven by hand
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