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The ancient city of Yazd lies in central Iran on the western edge of the great salt desert, Dasht-i Lut. Situated between Isfahan and Kerman, two famous rug centers, Yazd also has a long tradition of carpet weaving.
The soft pile, natural dyes and fine wool give a lustrous look to Yazd rugs. The pile is thick, giving a lower knot count and a sturdiness that withstands heavy use. Central medallions are a common design, yet many also feature allover designs. Strong colors, particularly red backgrounds, are used to display intricate traditional floral motifs such as the Shah Abbas and boteh. Yazd rugs are often room-size.
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Yazd 250X356

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Product Code: 9815048
Also known as: Jazd
Size: 250X356 cm  (8′3″X11′7″ ft)*
Thickness: ap. 8 mm
Origin:Iran / Persia
Age:Semi antique 50-80 years
Manufacturing:Knotted by hand
Knot density: ap. 400 000 knots per m²
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